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井前工業 新社屋  Image Kogyo main office

2012 Office building / Takatsuki / Osaka/  鉄骨造2階建て 1,328.92m2


□設計  近藤英夫建築研究所 □構造設計  満田衛資構造設計事務所  □施工 千里ハウジング

It is the design of the head office which is new because the exist head office which I designed in 2002 became small.The office work space and the president's office takes a lot of windows to get much bright and to reduce power cost,we can see the mountains of Takatsuki.We set a warehouse for 1st floor and the entrance has a stairs , a meeting space on the landing and we made a three-dimensional was suitable for photovoltaic power generation with a direction, structure, the size of the roof, easy maintenance was planned. A photovoltaic power generation panel has 74kw appears.